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In the night of the 29th of July 2017, day of the wedding (in Meuwi, France)

Between the cheese and the dessert we announced Mel&Ben we were going to show them a PowerPoint: “The best PowerPoint you ever saw in the history of Weddings”

"Well that was a lie because, Yea, we made you a Video Game” *Drop mic*

Here is the wedding: Mel&Ben's wedding

The story behind the game

Dotsmarc, talented Pixel Artist and Ben's best man had this idea to make a video game for Mel&Ben
He asked us at Piranaking if we would be ok to do it while he would do all the art
The rest is history


The game was made to be played with 2 gamepads (we used xbox 360 pads)
The game was especially made for the wedding, so we knew both players were gonna play
We added the possibility to switch character (lost viking's style) if you play alone


A = Jump
X = Attack
LB = control Mel
RB = control Ben



W = jump
A = left
S = down
D = right

F = Attack
TAB = switch character


Arrows to move the character

P = Attack
Right Control = switch character


Pixel Art: Dotsmarc
Sound: Adrien Larouzee
Texts: Lucien Maine
Translation: Our friends !


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I have so many questions, but I'll start with:

1) Can you do anything on the "fin" screen? I assume not but that also means I can't quit the game by conventional means.

2) Is there a way to see how many pictures I collected at the end?

3) Is there any reward for finding all pictures?

4) If so, is there a level select?

5) Is there a way to skip cutscenes?

Also, I don't know if this was a design choice or something, but the sprites make the couple look fat when the photos show otherwise.

A very cute game and a decent platformer. I had to play it by myself so I'll have to replay it with another person one day.